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Chicken Fillet Burger Meal Deal

Whole breast filler in Classic Recipe or spicy Sizzler coating.


Supreme Chicken Burger Meal Deal

Fillet or Sizzler Burger with Cheese and Hash Brown


Mega Mix Burger Meal Deal

Classic Recipe fillet burger, stacked with lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese & 2 Chicken Strips


Peri Peri Burger Meal Deal

Whole breast fillet marinated in Peri Peri sauces and grilled to perfection


Quarter Pounder or Half Pounder Meal Deal

Flame grilled succulent beef loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and ketchup


Panini Meal Deal

Breast fillet in classic or sizzler marinade.


Value Box Meal Deal

Tender Pieces of Chicken in our secret Classic Recipe coating


Combo Box Meal Deal

2 or 3 Classic Recipe chicken pieces + 2 Sizzler Wings + 1 Chicken Strip


Sizzler Box Meal Deal

Chicken wings in our spicy coating


Chicken Bites Meal Deal

A box full of tasty bite-size chicken pieces in Classic Recipe coating


Chicken Strips Meal Deal

Crispy strips of authentic chicken llet in a mild spicy coating


Tortilla Wrap Meal Deal

Crispy strips with BBQ sauce with a grilled Peri Peri fillet and chicken strips


2 Mini Burgers and Fries


Burger Combo Box

4 Classic Pcs + 2 Fillet Burgers + 2 Reg Fries


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Dixy Chicken Whitley
210 Whitley Road
Whitley Bay
NE26 2TA

Tel: 0191 251 6161/6262
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Delivery Areas

NE26,NE3 - £1.50
NE27,NE29 - £2.00
NE28,NE25 - £3.00

Delivery from £1.50